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About Us

Camp Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.
Before Care each day starting at 6:00 a.m.
After Care each day until 6:30 p.m

About Banglewood

Banglewood Summer Music Camp is a place where young people can begin or expand their music education to start them down the road to musical success.

Our camp staff is geared up and eager to provide outstanding service and a quality environment for your child's summer adventures. At Banglewood, we're committed to providing a safe, enjoyable and exciting experience for all campers in our care. We strive to meet each camper's individual needs and provide an atmosphere for social growth and development while maintaining excellence, value, and purpose within our programs and facility.

The overall mission at Banglewood is to invest in the hearts and minds of young children in both large and small group musical activities, games and ensemble opportunites to develop the musical skills they will need to be successful and well rounded young musicians. This is accomplished by our encouraging and caring staff members who are dedicated to giving your student opportunites for success. Our goal is to "Build the Musicians of tomorrow Today!"

Parent Handbook

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The complete guidebook to Banglewood Performing Arts Music Camp

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Medical Forms

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These forms must be downloaded, printed, signed and brought with your child to camp on the first day.

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Camp Contract

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The formal agreement between Banglewood, Parents and Campers.  This form must be downloaded, printed, signed and brought with your child to camp on the first day.

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Tuition Rates

Every camper registered for Banglewood has to pay a 50 dollar deposit.

8 or 9 weeks registration
$165/week. We do not offer multi-child discounts on the “all weeks” rate as it is already steeply discounted from our regular fee. The Week of July 4th is $130 because we are closed on the July 4th holiday. We are open on Juneteenth.
7 or fewer weeks registration
$240 for the first camper, $200 for the second camper and $165 for all additional campers. Camp t-shirt, swim fees, field trips, snacks and all supplies are included in the registration fee. There are no additional costs or fees.
Before Care
6 am - 8:00 am is available for $20 per week when reserved in advance.
After Care
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm is available for $20 per week.
Before and After Care
reserved together are $35 per week.
Drop In Before Care
$10 day. Late pick up (unreserved After Care) is $10 per day.
Extra Camp T-shirts
$20 each
Hot Lunch
(when reserved in advance) is $7 per day -- Hot lunch Monday - Thursday (there are no hot lunches on field trip days) is $28. Same day hot lunch order is $7.50 per day and must be reserved when you drop your child off at camp.

There are no refunds or discounts for missed, or partial days.  There are no refunds for missed pool or field trip days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banglewood is a music and performing arts day camp for kids who are entering 1st – 8th grade. So much more than ‘camp,’ Banglewood features superior musical instruction from trained and professional staff with 40 years of music instruction expertise. In 15 years, we have led over 10,000 children through a performing arts day camp experience.

Banglewood Campers learn music, performance skills, teamwork, focus, concentration, responsibility, commitment, the value of hard work and the satisfaction of individual achievement. Music education offers kids so much more beyond just note reading and rhythm. Music students are better students and better citizens. Music education improves math, language and critical thinking skills. Because we use English Handbells to teach music, your camper will enjoy increased ambidexterity, which increases cognitive function. At the end of the summer, there is a showcase concert where they can exhibit their newly acquired skills.

We have an active day. Mornings begin with a physical warm up activity designed to teach rhythm and positive thinking skills. Throughout the day, we use active learning to engage kids’ minds and bodies. Music education is so much more than just notes on a page. As we move to rhythms, play music-based games, learn to ring handbells (an upper body workout), we engage our whole selves in the learning process.

Banglewood is designed for children who are rising 1st – 8th graders only.

We take security very seriously. All of our instructional and administrative staff undergo level 3 security and background checks. Campers are never in individual instruction – all lessons are group lessons. Each of our instruction rooms features large view windows that are open to the lobby and the corridors. On pool and field-trip days, our staff will only apply spray-on sunscreen (please provide whatever your child needs for sun protection). We use commercial buses for transporting children. Our building also features a security suite of cameras inside and out that record activities and events 24 hours/day.

While our learning model and curriculum are cumulative, any child can benefit from a single week of camp. Because the campers work throughout the summer to prepare for a showcase concert, we do not accept campers for only the last 2 weeks of camp.

NO! We have experiences tailored just for beginners of all ages.

Camp is, and should be, fun! But fun does not mean it has to be devoid of learning. We strive to provide a fun learning experience for your kids. Music-based learning has known benefits. Children who learn music have improved math scores, better focus, increased self-confidence, take responsibility, and have increased cognitive processing. Additionally, handbells, in particular, reinforce teamwork and achievement without the pressure of competition. There are no winners and losers in music performance. Our revolutionary curriculum allows children to progress at their own pace. They can achieve as quickly, or slowly, as they wish. We use a belted achievement system – similar to martial arts – to recognize their accomplishments and inspire them to reach for new goals. Every child who attends Banglewood will learn, and explore the fundamentals of music and the performing arts..

There is a schedule of activities posted on the Schedule page of this website.

While we encourage all children to perform in our celebration concert, it is not required. We do find that most campers enjoy exhibiting their mastered skills to family and friends.

Every patron will need a ticket. Each camper will receive 4 free tickets to the showcase concert. Some families will not need all their tickets, and we will make every effort to pass those on to other families on the waiting list. We will accommodate as many patrons as space allows. Our auditorium seats 300 patrons.

The show case concert is at 2:30 PM on August 2, the final day of Banglewood.

Every Wednesday, we go to the pool at Curtis Lake Park. On days when weather prohibits, we see G-rated, family-friendly movies and play indoor rainy-day games. Fridays are Field Trip days. Each field trip is curated to provide fun, learning, and performing arts exposure. We will attend concerts, theatrical performances, visit and tour a working bell foundry where campers will see bells being made, we will attend a guided tour of the music library at the Library of Congress, Theater in the Woods at Wolf Trap, and other experiences custom-chosen to augment the learning experience in a fun, creative environment. Throughout the summer, children will also enjoy mini-concerts performed by area musicians..

Yes. We will need reservations three weeks in advance, and you will need to drive, or arrange transportation, for you and your child. We do not have room on our buses for visitors. Other campers may not ride with you and your child to and from field trips without prior written permission from a parent/guardian. For trips that require tickets, you will be responsible for purchasing your own tickets to the event/tour.

Banglewood is a weekly day camp that begins on June 3 and runs daily until August 2. Stafford County Public Schools' (SCPS) last scheduled day of school is Thursday, May 23, 2024. If snow days and other unscheduled emergency days add days to the school calendar, Banglewood will still begin as scheduled on Monday, June 3, 2024. Payment will still be required in full.

Collectively, our staff has 40 years of day camp experience and have taught over 10,000 children. We have experience with a range of mental health, and developmental issues. We also rely on the expertise of a licensed education professional with 30 plus years of special education experience in the public school system for advice on adaptive learning. Every effort will be made to accommodate special needs, neural divergent and uniquely gifted learners. We encourage you to schedule a pre-registration meeting with our instructional director to discuss your concerns and your child’s needs.

Yes. In the interest of record keeping and ensuring our staff has rapid and immediate access to your child’s information for emergencies, we need an individual form for each camper.

Yes. We require a $50 non-refundable deposit for each camper. This establishes your child in our registration system and locks in their spot.

All transportation to and from the pool and field trips, swimming pool access, music supplies, instrument use, camp supplies, camp t-shirt (must be worn on all Field Trip days and Pool Days). There are no extra fees. Additional Camp T-shirts are available for $20 each.

You are welcome to pick your child up any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday for lunch. We eat daily between Noon and 1230. Please let us know a day in advance that your child will be leaving camp for lunch. For safety and space reasons, we do not allow visitors on campus during the lunch break.

Yes. Please let us know as far in advance as possible if your child will be leaving early or attending late. On Pool Days, we will return to campus by 3 pm each day. If you need to pick up your child BEFORE 3 pm on pool days, or bring them to camp AFTER 10:30, you may pick them up or drop them off at The Mark Lenzi Pool at Curtis Park. Please call our administrator to ensure your child is met at the pool by staff members. On Field Trip Days, due to traffic considerations, we cannot guarantee return to campus before 430 dismissal. Campers who arrive late on Field Trip Days will need to provide their own transportation to our Field Trip Location. They may ride the bus back to camp if you wish.

Generic snacks are provided. If special allergen-free snacks are needed, please consider sending your own. We do have plain potato chips available, which satisfy most gluten and peanut allergy needs. Each camper must provide his/her own lunch daily. You may send a ready-to-eat lunch that does not need refrigeration or a microwave to store/prepare/consume, or, we provide a hot lunch option for $7/day when reserved in advance. Hot lunches will be purchased at Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Sonic, Burger King and Dominos on a pre-published schedule. On Field Trip days, students must bring a packed lunch unless we give notice that lunch is provided. Same-day hot lunch reservations can be made for a cost of $7.50 paid by cash or cc the morning of. The menu will be the same each week. Please ask for specific information. We have water bottle filling stations available and encourage all campers to bring refillable non-breakable water bottles.

Masks are optional for campers and staff. In the event a camper becomes sick, or we receive notice that he/she has been exposed to Covid, RSV, or Influenza. All parents will be notified via email and text message. Please do not send your child to camp sick. If a camper becomes sick while at camp, parents will be notified immediately and the camper must be picked up. A medical release is required for each camper so we can seek emergency medical attention if needed. We will also ask you to authorize administration of children’s Pepto Bismal or children’s Tylenol should a call with you warrant either. We will always call you first. In additions, parents will be notified immediately of any accidents that result, or could, result in injury. Your child’s well-being is our top priority.

We find that when children are actively involved in learning, there are limited discipline problems. In the event that any correction other than a strong word is required, we will contact you immediately to discuss the problem so we can decide, together, on potential solutions. Campers are expected to respect themselves, fellow campers and staff. Behavior and safety rules must be followed at all times to ensure the well-being of our entire Banglewood family. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and violence and reserve the right to dismiss campers from Banglewood without notice. In the event your child is dismissed from camp, refunds for the week will not be given and deposit will be forfeited.

Comfortable, appropriate clothes. Shorts/pants and t-shirts are encouraged. Additional information is available in our parent handbook.

Please leave ipods, tablets, electronic toys and gaming devices at home. Campers may bring a cellphone to use for contacting parents or guardians. Cellphones may only be used with permission and supervision of camp staff and must be stored out of sight for the duration of camp.

Weekly, you will receive an email with any updates and information about the week ahead –including field trip details. We will also post to our facebook page if there are updates about the facility, field trips, meal changes, etc… You will also receive an invoice payable the Sunday night BEFORE the week of camp. You can also sign up for mass texts alerts.

To secure a spot for your child, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit will be applied to your child’s bill for the last week of camp. Your weekly payment is due BEFORE Monday morning for each week of camp. Your child cannot be dropped off at camp until you have paid for that week in advance. You can either leave a credit card on file – it will be charged Sunday night before the week, or you can click to pay on the invoice you will receive weekly.

For campers who register for 8 or 9 weeks, there is no multi-child discount. These weeks are already discounted. For weekly registrants, there is a discount for additional children. See our “Campers” page for information.

Generally, yes. If your child needs to come late or leave early for an occasional appointment or family commitment, it is not a problem. Partial day refunds are not available for children who do not attend full days of camp. Our curriculum and activities are based on progression, and each camper is expected to remain at camp for the duration of the day. Early pickups and late drop offs are strongly discouraged.

No. Each week must be paid in full. Field Trip and pool reservations are made months in advance and are non-refundable.

No, but current students have registration priority.

We use professional shuttle buses with seat belts for transportation. Booster seats are not required under Virginia law in these vehicles, but you may provide one if you wish.

8:30 - 4:30 daily.

Yes. Click on the About Us page to see our rates.